Your guides to a Data Confident career in Internal Audit

 Yusuf Moolla & Conor McGarrity

Better use of data provides an opportunity to advance your career by adopting new, invaluable skills. The missing link? Jargon-free guidance that cuts through the hype.

For internal auditors, developing trends in data analysis and data science can feel less like a wealth of information and more like an avalanche of uncertainty. The Data-Confident Internal Auditor aims to erase some of that uncertainty and guide you towards personal and professional data confidence.

Data-confident and all associated resources are designed BY internal auditors FOR internal auditors.


Yusuf has over twenty years of experience in data, assurance and plaguing his colleagues with his dry sense of 'humour'.

A certified Internal Auditor, Yusuf has worked for both Deloitte and KPMG, leading audits and data projects around the world.


Conor's background includes KPMG as well as extensive experience in the public sector.

Passionate about leveraging data for better audit outcomes and redefining the limits of what's possible, he also enjoys displaying a unique blend of 'skill' and 'finesse' on the soccer field.

Risk Insights supports Internal Audit and Performance Audit teams

We work with assurance teams, helping deliver performance audits and data-enabled internal audits.

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Performance Audit

We can help if you:

  •  Need extra capacity to execute a performance audit
  •  Want to uplift your team's capability in using data
  •  Would like an independent review of a PA (quality assurance)
  •  Want an external perspective to help develop your PA forward work program


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Internal Audit

We can help if you: 

  • Need extra capacity to execute a data focused internal audit
  • Would like help with designing your approach to using data for your audits
  • Want to uplift your team's capability in using data 


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A blog run by Risk Insights featuring professional insights on current affairs in the world of internal audit and assurance. 

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